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TRAINING | Invitation to apply for training of trainers in Croatia

As part of the “RevitaLESE” project, we are announcing applications for of Trainers in Croatia on January 31st – February 4th, 2023. There it will be possible to learn the methodology for a five-module training course for long-established social economy (LESE) organizations, which will then have to be tested in the Latvian ecosystem.

Longer-established social economy (LESE) organisations are defined as social economy organisations in existence over 7 years. Unlike early-stage social economy organisations, LESE organisations have track records of delivering goods and services, matured management and corporate governance structures, experienced staff and, importantly, assets and resources that can be leveraged for growth and the provision of
additional services to vulnerable communities.
Social economy in Latvia has developed relatively recently, which is why organizations operating here can be defined as LESE after 3 years of operating.


They will take place on January 31 – February 4 in Zagreb (training days are February 1 – 3) and will gather future trainers from 6 partner countries. In these days, the five modules prepared in the project will be examined more closely and discussions will be held on the further development of the digital community for networking of piloting participants.

To participate in the meeting, both Latvian participants will require the ability to pilot (test) the obtained training program with existing social enterprises or other organizations in Latvia.


Structure of piloting phase:

  • It is tested in two stages (February – May and June – September).
  • At least 9 participants (organizations/entrepreneurs) must be trained in each of the stages.
  • Consists of 5 modules, which would be optimally implemented as weekly meetings (can be organized in other ways as well)
  • 3 modules must be implemented in person, two of them can potentially be implemented remotely.
Apply by December 22, by sending to a short motivated description of the applicant's connection with the social economy and the possibilities of implementing pilot activities.


The project addresses an identified need for ongoing support for longer-standing social economy organizations after the start-up phase. The main goal of the project is to emphasize the importance of the social mission, business model and activities of such organizations, as well as to help improve and revive them.

In the project, we work with representatives of the social economy and give them the opportunity to promote their influence in working with less protected members of society and communities. The project aims to create a comprehensive and valuable training model to revitalize and modernize established social economy organizations. The pilot version of the training models will be used to create a social economy network led by the social economy organizations themselves, as well as an online information center with content that demonstrates the value, impact and potential of the European social economy.

Involved partners: The Wheel (IR) / Act Grupa (HR) / Synthesis Center for Research and Education (CY)/ Social Innovation Centre (LV)/ Skills Zone (MLT)/ Knowl Social Enterprise for Education and Lifelong Learning (GR) and Dublin City University (DCU) (IR).

Read more about the project results HERE.

This publication has been prepared within the project REVITALESE no. 22021-1-IE01-KA220-VET-00003486. The opinions expressed therein are the responsibility of the author and do not reflect the official position of the European Commission.

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