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NEW PROJECT | Augmented Reality for STEM Education: We Commence!

Despite the high priority that is placed on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in schools, efforts to expand youth interest and employment in STEM fields are not reaching the goals set. This is particularly an issue for the fields of technology and engineering. Moreover, the gender equality in STEM-related fields is a topic of concern, as these are mostly dominated by men, being the subject for various stereotypes and even discriminating behaviors towards women. According to UNESCO World Heritage Centre data, today, only 28% of all researchers in the world are women, demonstrating their abilities in STEM fields for instance,  advancements in cholera and cancer prevention, expanded understanding of brain development and stem cells, and other discoveries. Leaving out women is a loss for science.

The problem of insufficient engagement of youth, and especially girls, in STEM learning and careers has been identified by the “Augmented Reality for STEM education” (AR4STEM) project partners: Synthesis Centre for Research and Education (Cyprus), GoInno (former Zavod VseUk, Slovenia), Vilnius Joachim Lelewel Engineering Gymnasium (Lithuania), Social Innovation Centre and Saulkrastu vidusskola (Latvia). Bringing the competencies in teaching and promoting STEM teaching and learning, as well as experience in researching and designing Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for education, partners have come together to promote AR for teachers as an innovative and efficient digital tool to transform the traditional STEM learning process into an interactive experience and promotes gender equality in STEM.

Starting from July 2021, project partners from Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus and Slovenia will work in close collaboration and develop the following outputs:

  • Interactive learning materials for youth aged 13-16 to be accessed through their smartphones with the use of iSeeApp as AR technology;
  • Lesson plans for teachers for improved teaching processes within specific thematic areas of STEM, for instance, sustainable manufacturing, biodiversity, healthcare and food production;
  • A guidebook on how to use AR technology in STEM education, including best practices and examples, as well as guidance of applying them in teaching;
  • Motivation programme on how to promote engagement of girls in STEM.


Any organisation willing to join the AR4STEM network is welcome to the partnership. A number of Associated Partners are already supporting the idea of the project, and more are to come. Together we are powerful!
The AR4STEM project partners believe in the power of digital technologies in transforming learning experience and raising the interest in any subject and in particular those, that are considered as difficult or lacking interactive elements due to the monotonous teaching.

Project partners team:

Duration of the project: June 30th, 2021 – June 29th, 2023



This publication has been prepared within AR4STEM project No. 2020-1-LV01-KA226-SCH-094530, financed under the Erasmus+ programme. The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of the project coordinator and may not always reflect the views of the European Commission or the National Agency.

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