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PARTNER MEETING | First meeting in person within GreenMinded project!

The first meeting among the partners of project “GreenMinded” took place from 6th to 7th August in Vilnius. Long discussions, thorough considerations and a lot of planning was done to make sure the future activities would bring the most benefit to the youth facilitators we plan on involving in the project. The partners were happy to have met in person finally, and are looking forward to developing a curriculum, as well as a handbook by the end of the year.

The Nordplus Adult Collaboration project “Green Minded” is aimed at:

  • increasing young adults’ awareness about environmental problems;
  • changing their thinking and behavior in different areas: home, workplace and leisure;
  • enhancing environmental social entrepreneurship and active citizenship (including possibilities by EU
    Green Deal, EU Climate Pact, etc.)


Together with experienced partners “Ziniu kodas” (the managing partner) from Lithuania and INVOLVED NGO from Estonia, we plan on creating several materials for youth facilitators – a curriculum for a training and a handbook, and online course in Moodle platform to support it. In the following two years we hope to have reached several hundreds of young people in all Baltic states.

Read more about the project HERE.

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