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PARTNER MEETING | Face-to-face meeting within the AR4STEM project!

The AR4STEM face-to-face meeting took place on 9 June in the beautiful city of Ljubljana. The partners who participated in the face-to-face meeting enjoyed the opportunity to meet their project colleagues in person. 

The day was full of discussions and careful planning and led to the goal of finalizing the Augmented Reality materials, lesson plans, teacher’s guide as well as the motivation programme for girls by the end of the year!

 Together with experienced partners from Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia and Cyprus, we believe in the potential of digital technologies to transform the learning experience and enhance interest in all learning areas, especially those that young people find difficult or uninteresting (monotonous) to learn.

Project card

Duration: 2021 – 2023

Financed by: Erasmus+

Goal: to promote the use of augmented reality tools among teachers to accelerate the transformation of traditional STEM learning into interactive learning experiences and at the same time promote gender equality in STEM fields.


Image: Patrick Schneider

This publication has been prepared within the project AR4STEM no. 2020-1-LV01-KA226-SCH-094530. The opinions expressed therein are the responsibility of the author and do not reflect the official position of the European Commission.

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