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PARTNER MEETING | The last meeting with project SENBS partners

The last meeting of the two-year project took place in Vilnius on August 24 and 25. In spite of the heat wave, the project partners had the opportunity to work productively together for the last time within the framework of this project on future plans and evaluating the achievements. Despite the fact that specific cooperation plans and projects are still in the progress, we are truly happy about the high-quality cooperation and the significant impact of the activities.

SENBS is a project that allows informing, educating and empowering social entrepreneurs and local, national and regional stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region. But even more so, it is a part of a long standing initiative that revolves around building capacity of this rich resource – e-platform. SIC has been a part of it since the very beginning in 2014, and we are happy to highlight this as one of the good practice examples for a sustainable project outcome, because since then it has been actively updated to include the most recent information. With that said, one of the goals of the next months in the SENBS project is understanding the future of this site – the potential development and improvement scenarios, as well as continuous collaboration strategies.

Partner organizations involved in the project are:

Involved NGO (Estonia)

Stowarzyszenie “Baltycki instytut Spraw Europejskich I Regionalnych” – BISER (Poland)

Sociale Entreprenorer i Denmark (Denmark)

Socialiniu Investiciju Fondas (Lithuania)

Socialas Inovacijas centrs (Latvia)


Read more about SENBS project HERE.

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