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WORKSHOP | Human Rights Workshop for young people “My rights. My power.”

On 17th of May, the Social Innovation Centre Latvia and the cultural space “TuJauZiniKur” hosted the workshop “My power. My rights.”, during which young people had the opportunity to learn about the Europe for Citizens project NICE and how to stand up for their own and others’ human rights and civil liberties. The motto of the event was “Your rights are your power – don’t waste it!”

Participants worked in teams to analyze current events in Latvia and learn how to apply the European Charter of Fundamental Rights to assess situations where human rights and civil liberties are either violated, restricted or respected. According to the verdict of the Italian and Lithuanian judges, the most successful team won the main prize – tickets to the KOPUMS festival organized by the Latvian Youth Council on 12 August in Jūrmala! The other teams were able to take solace in art, as each participant received a cinema ticket. 

The Centre for Social Innovation would like to thank our Lithuanian colleagues from Unique Projects and our Italian colleagues from Consiglio Italiano Del Movimento Europeo for their participation, as well as the bright young people from Olaine and Riga schools for their active and enthusiastic involvement!

This publication has been prepared within NICE: Nobody Ignores the Charter of Europe! project No.617458-CITIZ-1-2020-1-LT-CITIZ-REMEM with the support of the “Europe for Citizens” program of the European Union. The views expressed in this publication are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

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